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Stress IV

Find relief from stress that’s causing  your mental and physical strains.  Stress IV therapy can help you relax and clear the fog so you can be ready for whatever life may throw your way.


The Stress IV Therapy is tiered based on the severity of your symptoms. 

  • BASIC: 1 liter of fluid + Multivitamins (also known as a "banana bag") + Magnesium + Glutathione

  • PREFERRED: Basic IV treatment + one medication 

  • PREMIUM: Preferred IV treatment + two medications

Stress IV

Excluding Sales Tax |

    Replace your Multivitamin bag with a Myer’s Cocktail for $100 


    We accept cash or credit card. If a credit card is used then GET/sales tax will be applied along with a 4% credit card service charge. If cash is your method of payment then the cost is just the price of the treatment since we do not carry change. Exact change is appreciated and our packages are priced to make this easier. In this situation we eat the taxes. Consider it a discount if cash is your method of payment. Many patrons like to know that if paying cash the total cost to you is about 10% less. 

    We don’t ask for a deposit until after you have discussed with a medical professional to confirm your treatment and appointment. Call or text Dr. Campbell, the Hawaii Hangover Doctor, to get started: 

    (860) 375-3379

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