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The Science behind IV Treatments

About IV Science

Unlike oral medication, intravenous therapy, or IV therapy, bypasses the digestive tract and delivers hydration, vitamins, and nutrients straight into your blood vessels.

Many celebrities have posted about their neighborhood’s new drip lounge. You’ve seen the popularity grow on Instagram and heard about it from friends. But what is an IV drip? It’s the most efficient way to administer vitamins, minerals, and or medication and bring you relief and revitalized health! 

IV therapy used to be reserved for patient’s recovery in the hospitals but it has grown in popularity as Hollywood elites discover the amazing benefits. Having your treatments delivered directly into your bloodstream, your body will begin to absorb over 99% of the medication, almost immediately, versus oral supplements. Aside from the ease of administered vitamins and nutrients, IV therapy will increase your wellness, help prevent illnesses, provide instant relief from toxins, contribute to tissue enhancement, and maximize performance.

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